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About Us

Our journey really started with our paranormal team


Our Story

We have been Paranormal Investigators for a while, 10 years now. It started off with just us, the mother-daughter team. It was easy for us because we developed an addiction to paranormal investigating around the time that Mary (daughter) was 13 or so.  The first time we went out it was with another paranormal team in UT.

Now we do public events, private home and business investigations and cleanses.

We feel pretty confident in what we do and how we do it. Our main pleasure in informing the public.

We mainly do house cases, the dark nasty stuff and the callbacks because another team messed it up. We also work with some very cool teams in the surrounding areas.

This last year we took on a lot more team-members, so its no-longer us mother-daughter doing our paranormal investigating. We now have, Sarah (an employee at Moonstones and Sundries), Polly, Jesse, Colt, April, Ryan, Richard (an employee at Moonstones and Sundries), Christina, Brady, Nayt, Daniel.

It was our passion to find out what things worked the best in doing home cleanses, which took a lot of researching and practicing, along with some trial and error, that brought us to the decision to open our store.


We also have references for our past cases if you are considering us. But also want to make sure we are legit.

Owners Jennifer and Mary

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