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Butterfly Express Le Ambition 10ml

Butterfly Express Le Ambition 10ml


A wonderful rejuvenating blend. This is an oil that brings balance to the soul. It energizes the mind and opens communication between body systems as well as our communication with others. LeAmbition cultivates a feeling of self-worth. LeAmbition is a whole body rejuvenator and is a great pick-me-up. Promotes the ability to move forward in achieving one's goals, while being mindful of the needs of others.
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INGREDIENTS: Coriander, Eucalyptus Peppermint, Geranium, Grapefruit White, Katrafay, Lavender, Lime


AFFINITY FOR: digestive, liver and gallbladder, urinary system, reproductive system, all the energy system-especially yin/yang balance, immunity, male and female energies


RESONANCE: high spiritual range, physical, emotional, mental


APPLICATION: Diffuse, place 2-3 drops in the bath, a great massage oil.


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: This oil contains woodsy notes as well as a splash of citrus Lime.

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