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Butterfly Express Le Dreams 10ml

Butterfly Express Le Dreams 10ml


INGREDIENTS: Benzoin, Bergamot, Blue Tansy, Chamomile German, Juniper Berry, Orange Sweet Dark, Sandalwood, Spruce


AFFINITY FOR: emotional balance, brow chakra and 3rd eye, pericardium meridian, throat chakra, crown chakra


RESONANCE: spiritual, physical, emotional


APPLICATION: LeDreams can be applied to the forehead, eyebrows, temples, behind the ears, on the base of the neck, and worn as perfume or cologne. For restful sleep, diffuse in the bedroom or apply 1 or 2 drops to your pillow. This essential oil blend makes a relaxing evening bath.


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeDreams has a beautiful aroma. It can be diffused during the day for pleasure or meditation, and at night to promote restful and dreamless sleep.


EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: This blend was formulated for helping us keep our dreams in sight and realize our potential without becoming self-centered or selfish. LeDreams is one of the best oils for insomnia due to negative emotions or nightmares.

It is a favorite of children who are nervous in the dark or when left alone. If nightmares persist while using LeDreams, continue to use it in conjunction with energy work modalities. Finding the disturbing emotion, processing it, and letting it go is the only way to achieve lasting healing. LeDreams can help you do that. This blend has been beneficial for bedwetting if the root cause is fear or anxiousness.

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