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Butterfly Express Le Julia 10ml

Butterfly Express Le Julia 10ml


INGREDIENTS: Anethi, Caraway, Chamomile Roman, Lavender, Orange Sweet, Peppermint


AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, particularly of infants and children although adults are finding it useful, stomach meridian


RESONANCE: physical, emotional


APPLICATION: Careful dilution is recommended, as always, when using essential oils with infants and small children. LeJulia should be applied to the abdomen and/or to the feet.


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Diffuse for emotional calming and improved sleep.


EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeJulia calms and soothes the emotions, allowing the “knots” in the stomach to dissolve. The synergy of the oils in this blend creates an atmosphere where fear, anxiety, and the need to hold on tightly to emotions can be released. It seems odd that infants and small children should have such issues, but the birth process and coming into this world can be a difficult transition for some sensitive spirits.


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeJulia is for the release of flatulence (gas), constipation, and other intestinal distress in infants and small children. This blend is also useful for colic, upset tummy, and nausea caused by fear or over-excitement.

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