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Butterfly Express Le Magi 10ml *

Butterfly Express Le Magi 10ml *


INGREDIENTS: Birch, Dong Quai, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Spruce


AFFINITY FOR: emotions, solar plexus chakra, crown chakra


RESONANCE: This is a low frequency, physical range essential oil blend, but has profound effects on the emotional and spiritual planes. Like all oils with an affinity for the solar plexus chakra, changes are made deep in the cellular memory.


APPLICATION: For work with the crown chakra, apply on the top of the head, preferably in a clockwise motion. LeMagi can also be applied just above the eyebrows, on the solar plexus, and the thymus, also in a clockwise direction. LeMagi would make a unique statement as a perfume or cologne, but not an offensive one.


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeMagi should be diffused after a spiritual or energy work session to complete the changes, carry them deeply, and make them permanent. When diffused, LeMagi creates feelings of reverence and heightened spirituality. It can help one overcome doubt and negative feelings about one’s abilities.


EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeMagi is a favorite of many people because it seems to clarify intuition and heighten the ability to hear the whisperings of divine inspiration. Among the many emotional blends, LeMagi stands out for those with low self-esteem who are unable to feel really confident about themselves and their contribution, even after a job well done. This blend is comforting in times of despair. LeMagi is helpful in coping with the fear of being left alone or with feelings of loneliness and isolation.


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeMagi contains several oils with a high sesquiterpene content. Because sesquiterpenes cross the blood/brain barrier the changes made emotionally and physically go deep into the DNA of the cells and become both permanent and profound.


GENERAL INFORMATION: LeMagi derives its name from the Frankincense and Myrrh it contains and the Wise Men (also known as the Magi) who brought them as gifts to the Christ Child. I believe this blend increases our own wisdom and ability to look at our world with clarity. That is a true gift.

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