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Butterfly Express Le Safe Guard 10ml

Butterfly Express Le Safe Guard 10ml


INGREDIENTS: Anethi, Cinnamon Berry, Davana, Goldenrod, Laurel, Ledum, Turmeric


AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, intestinal tract, urinary system, liver


RESONANCE: physical, emotional


APPLICATION: LeSafeGuard should be applied, diluted with a carrier oil, over the abdominal area several times a day.


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeSafeGuard has a surprisingly pleasant aroma for a parasite remedy.


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeSafeGuard tones and strengthens the digestive system, encourages the flow of bile, and aids in establishing a proper pH balance in the intestinal tract and colon. This balance creates an environment that is hostile and unfriendly to parasites and, thus, encourages their expulsion from the body. Herbal parasite cleanses are typically harsh and require considerable rebuilding of the intestinal tract in the days and weeks following such a cleanse. Essential oils seem to be able to accomplish the killing off and expulsion of parasites more gently and can actually strengthen the intestinal tract and the liver at the same time.


EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: It is being recognized more and more that parasites and the nutritional deficiencies that they create are responsible for many of the ills of our modern society. LeSafeGuard, while helping us to be victorious in the fight against nasty parasites, also helps us see that we are “coming off as victors” in the challenges that life presents us every day.

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