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Butterfly Express Le Solace 10ml

Butterfly Express Le Solace 10ml


INGREDIENTS: anthopogon, cistus, grapefruit, laurel, rose geranium


AFFINITY FOR: lymphatic system, thymus, glands, spleen, tonsils, circulation, urinary system


RESONANCE: physical, emotional, mental


APPLICATION: LeSolace can be applied to areas of concern, on the feet, or used in the bath. Applying LeSolace over the spleen is a wonderful way to help the lymphatic system, as the spleen is the largest lymphatic organ. You can diffuse this oil to enjoy its wonderful aroma, add to lotions, or use for massage. Apply to swollen glands, or on the thymus, for an immune system boost to help fight off colds or flus.


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeSolace has a complex flowery aroma. It is almost heady, but has sweet fruity tones. The cistus in this blend adds some very distinct notes that tend to linger in the air.


EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeSolace is a great oil for depression, mental exhaustion, and tension. The aroma for solace promotes feelings of joy and confidence, while also helping us relax. This oil is a very warming emotionally and can help us through bereavement. This blend contains laurel, which helps clear the mind, and helpful when taking tests or studying. Poor health can certainly be a major challenge and supporting our emotional needs can help us be more optimistic about regaining good health. Each of these essential oils contain in solace have an affinity for the relieving pain due to congestion in lymphatic system and aids in lymphatic drainage. It aids the body detoxification.


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Each of the essential oils contained in LeSolace has an affinity for the lymphatic system and helps aid lymph drainage. Our lymph system has a network of tissues and vessels that go far into the body, even further than the blood, so it is vital to address this important system when sickness or disease starts. The lymph system helps with the production of immune cells and removal of excess fluids in the body tissues. The lymph system transports oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to the cells. It also removes metabolic waste from the cells. Our lymphatic system works parallel to, and in conjunction with, our cardiovascular system but it uses the motion of our muscles to move throughout our bodies. Using essential oils such as LeSolace, combined with lymph moving exercises such as jumping on a mini trampoline or lymph massage, can help encourage good lymphatic function. LeSolace is excellent for relieving pain due to it’s ability to relieve congestion in the lymphatic system. Many of the essential oils contained in this blend inhibit mutant cell growth so this blend can be beneficial for helping to restore normal cell function.


GENERAL INFORMATION: LeSolace was formulated for a very sick friend. It was designed to lift her spirits, help her to heal and let her know how loved she is. I wanted to offer her solace. In times of sickness, sometimes all you can do is offer love and comfort. LeSolace helps to bring our bodies into a state of balance, soothes our emotions, and conveys a sense of hope. Physically, LeSolace promotes a healthier lymphatic system that will help balance hormones, relieve pain from lymphatic congestion, and benefit every system of the body. Mentally, LeSolace will help us feel supported, and then we can be more joyful, hopeful, and ready to tackle our next challenge in life.

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