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Butterfly Express Le Vallee 10ml

Butterfly Express Le Vallee 10ml


INGREDIENTS: Carrot Seed, Helichrysum, Kanuka, Parsley, Ravensara, Spikenard, Tagette, Vetiver, Wintergreen, Yarrow


AFFINITY FOR: skin, muscles, nerves


RESONANCE: physical


APPLICATION: LeVallee should be diluted well and applied to the area of concern. Use LeVallee in combination with Miracle Salve for maximum healing of burns and cuts. Apply with a carrier, or apply with lotion, for overall skin health or to combat dry skin.


EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Our skin is our most visible organ and is very much linked to our emotions. Symptoms of dryness, redness, rashes, and eczema can give us a indication that we may have some emotional imbalances. The essential oils contained in LeVallee helps to nourish the body on a physical level, but have amazing emotional properties as well. Unlike other organs our skin has an immediate reaction to mental stress. Think of the last time you were embarrassed- red blotchy skin! LeVallee is wonderful for helping us retain focus, boosting self-confidence, and easing anxiety. It contains essential oils that help us to thrive and repair our attitudes.


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: This blend was created specifically for rebuilding skin and muscle tissue following a severe burn. LeVallee contains essential oils known for their emollient properties and is soothing to damaged skin and tissues. It promotes growth of new skin cells patterned after the original blue print of cellular structure- reducing scars, acne, and inflammation of the skin. It will strengthen the integrity of the cell membranes and re-establish blood flow to traumatized areas. LeVallee contains oils renowned for the rebuilding of nerve cells and networks. It is proving useful in other conditions involving deteriorated muscle and skin tissues. LeVallee is a great choice for eczema, psoriasis, rashes and insect bites. This blend does contain some analgesic essential oils so it will help ease pain associated with burns, insect bites, and any other skin condition that is painful. LeVallee is an overall skin tonic and will help to nourish your skin, lighten age spots, and aid in lymphatic drainage.


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Our skin is our largest organ and has a profound effect on our overall well being. When we have a skin condition it is often on display for the world to see- adding to our discomfort. Our skin can be used as an elimination organ when other eliminative organs are overburdened. In fact, skin conditions often come up when other eliminative organs are not working properly. We can easily damage it in accidents, get sunburns, or just by neglecting it. Using LeVallee daily to heal from burns, scars, acne, or just to help keep our skin healthy is a great way to boost your outlook on life.

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