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Psychic-Medium Readings



While this reading is mainly based off the use of intuitive psychic mediumship by connecting to your deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and universe; the use of tarot or oracle deck and pendulum may be included at no extra charge. Each reading is different. We cannot guarantee that a specific loved one will come through.

Single 60 Minute  Session  - $44

OR Prepay for 10 sessions to receive 1 session free.

Ten 60 Minute Sessions  $440 with 11th Reading FREE

Cleansing & Charming of Crystals and Jewelry

Often times, jewelry that we buy has the energy of the person who made it, or owned it last. In the store many people pick up and hold crystals and jewelry. We will do an energy cleansing and recharge (charm) any items bought in the store for free of charge. You may also bring in crystals or jewelry given to you or bought somewhere else for a slight fee.

Bought In-Store - FREE

Not Bought In-Store - $5

Gallery & Party



Are you having a party or get together of some kind and looking for a unique experience to offer to your guests. We are willing to come to you with any of the psychic medium or resonance readings. Pricing will very based on size of the group, length of time, and which services you are wishing to secure. 


Paranormal Investigations and Cleansings for Home or Business


Are you experiencing unexplained phenomena? Pair-O-Normal Girls of Ogden will come and investigate your home or business to get you an explanation of what is happening. 

We work within your religious preferences, and only do the cleansing you ask us to do after we have recommended what we believe  will work.

Contact for more Information and pricing. (Depends on your location and what all is needed. Each location is different)

Chakra Balancing 



Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself.

The purpose of chakra balancing is to support a balanced flow that will sustain our overall level of energy. In our everyday life, we are subjected to a number of activities, sources of stress and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy level. Some may feel draining, others fulfilling or nourishing.

Single 5 Minute  Session  - $11

OR Prepay for 10 sessions to receive 1 session free.

Ten Sessions  $110 with 11th session FREE

Intuitive love, Relationship, Career or General 




What is an intuitive Reading you may ask... Basically Mary does not hold back with what psychic information she gets. This is not a mediumship reading, but more based on tarot, pendulum and her own psychic intuition.

5-Card Pull $16 (15 Minutes)

10-Card Pull $27 (30 Minutes)

OR Prepay for 10 sessions to receive 1 session free. (Not to be used all at once)

Ten 5-Card Pulls  - $160 with 11TH Session FREE

Ten 10-Card Pulls - $270 with 11TH session FREE





Are you curious about your past life and how it is affecting your current life? Mary can identify who you were and how that life is causing blocks in your life, or why you are obsessed with certain things in this life such as war or cleanliness.

60 Minute Reading $44

OR Prepay for 10 sessions to receive 1 session free. (Not to be used all at once)

Ten 60 Minute Past Life Readings - $440 with 11TH session FREE





An oracle reading provides wise, insightful counsel or prophetic predictions including precognition of the future, mediumship, and divine communication with the higher self. Every Reading is unique and specific to the client.

60 Minute Reading $50

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